Articles and Links

Counselling Creatively is associated with a number of different organisations. For your convenience we've included a range of these here for your research pleasure! This trust is based in Parakai and offers retreats for up to 18 people. This is the North American organisation that trains and certifies sexual addiction practitioners. Andrew is the first person in NZ to qualify as a CCSAS (Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist). The NZ Christian Counsellors Association is one professional association Andrew and Susannah are members of. The directory on this site lists members nationally. The Association of Christian Spiritual Directors is the professional association for spiritual directors in NZ. See whats happening nationally and explanations of spiritual direction and how it works. Spiritual Growth Ministries trains spiritual directors in NZ. This site has some great student research projects. Susannah and Andrew are undergoing training in debriefing through Piringa Trust. This site details more about the debriefing process. Another professional counselling association.